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Lawn Maintenance
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There are countless benefits in maintaining and caring for your lawn. The grass that grows around your home is an extension of your property. If you take the time to pick out the best shutters, trim and paint colors for your house exterior, it only makes sense to put the same time and effort into your NJ lawn care. A well-maintained lawn not only helps beautify your home, but your neighborhood too. If you ever decide to sell your property, a manicured lawn can even boost your market value. By hiring the professionals at Garden of Eden Landscaping, your lawn will soon be a relaxing space, full of artistic touches and natural beauty.

Whether your lawn has been forsaken for years, just recently neglected, or ravaged by a recent storm or hurricane, it needs help. Reviving your lawn to its former glory will vary from a case by case basis. Depending on the extent of damage, different steps will need to be taken to restore your outdoor space. If your lawn is not hurting that badly, we will follow a tried and true procedure to maintain its health and keep it looking great. With our affordable prices and high quality Bergen County lawn services, each and every homeowner can afford to improve the look of their lawn.

When you hire us to care for and maintain your lawn, we will mow your grass, trim your shrubs, and perform some light weeding and trimming as needed. When we complete our thorough lawn care services in North NJ, we will leave your lawn looking and feeling healthy both inside and out. For more information on the services we provide, give Garden of Eden a call today at 201-796-7922.

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